May 2016
Tokyo International Fair
Tokyo Japan

April 2016
ArtExpo 2016
New York USA

December 2015:
Spectrum 2015
Miami USA

April (2015)
ArtExpo 2015
New York USA

April (2014)
ArtExpo 2014
New York, USA

October (2013)
Spectrum 2013
New York, USA

April (2013)
Artexpo 2013
New York, USA

March (2013)
Artexpo 2013
New York, USA

October (2012)
Contemporary Art Show
New York, USA

(2001) Jadite Gallery
New York, USA

(2001) NY Studio School
New York, USA

(2000) Jadite Gallery
New York City, USA

(2000) Galeria R.G.
Sevilla, Spain

(1999) Galeria de Arte Haurie
Sevilla, Spain

(1999) Garuda
Bangkok, Thailand

(1999) Circulo de la Amistad
Cordoba, Spain

(1994) Quinn Gallery
New York, USA

(1993) Cork Gallery
New York, USA

(1992) Gallery Taghini
Miami, USA

(1991) Galerie Elven
Brussels, Belgium

(1990 ) Furniture of the 20th Century
New York USA


Marie-Hélène Artist in Brooklyn, NY

“Stemming from pure mathematics, journalism, finance and an extensive performance in concert piano – the classics of education to cup winning skiing; the cultivation of excellence in wide paths led Marie Helene to the world of art through her unquenching quest for expression. Our paths crossed through the world of art by chance through neighboring studios. Since then our friendship has based itself with the love of sculpture and the working of metal.

I have great respect for the sculpture of Marie Helene. It reflects her depth of field, her keen sense of composition and movement, her wit and intention. Her new work based on the Gryphon stems from her fantasy of the historical and mythical as well as what life would be like…

As with all subjects the study of art, and subsequently the study of life and imagination, is made real through talent but also through the continuation of the untamed yet disciplined mind. As contrary as that may sound, it is exactly these two attributes through which creative growth finds it’s path. A recognition is found among tangent fields lending themselves to the other, enhancing and feeding and creating the new. Marie Helene has traveled many overlapping and creative foundations, sculpture being an accumulation as well as a jump off into the unknown,the creative process.”

Quote by Susan Woods from Aswoon with whom artist Marie-Helene has been collaborating since November 2011