Established Mixed Media Artist in Brooklyn, NY

From a career in journalism and extending to finance, paths were crossed by chance through neighboring studios. The love of art and all things abstract was born. As a mixed media artist in Brooklyn, NY, Marie Helene bases her new work on the Gryphon.

Gryphon Fabricators was founded in 2010 around the idea of the Gryphon as a fabricator of inspiration both ancient and current. Made of metal and legend, we wind up the factor of time and imagination, producing fact and fantasy through material and shadow.

This will be an excellent opportunity for a rising artist to explore and work with a seasoned professional. We would be interested in a student who is excited to learn about transferring photography onto sculpture as well. Our studio is located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Turning Metal into Magic

Sculpting steel is an art form unlike any other. The beauty of steel is that it is a durable, malleable medium capable of being transformed into just about anything you can imagine. Any art is driven by imagination. However, steel is seemingly cold and unassuming but can be converted into something breathtaking and unique.

Copper is also a fascinating metal to use when considering color. As copper experiences natural or human-induced corrosive attack, its color changes from the golden red generally associated with pure copper to a deep brown and, finally, to hues of blue and green. It doesn’t really matter which metal you use to create your art. You can be as conservative or daring as you like. Generally, the metal piece will lend its final form to you once you study it.

The Amazing World of Hydrographic Transfer

Commonly known as immersion printing, the hydrographic transfer is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. This process has actually been around for about forty years or more, but it’s only been in the last ten to fifteen years that is has been attracting much attention. It’s a four-color graphic pattern that can be transferred to many complex 3D shapes using a water-soluble film.

The end results is a one of a kind, fantastic pattern that is quickly drawing public favor. The auto industry has been using it for many years to apply decorative trim throughout vehicle interiors. Camouflage patterns are an excellent example of this process. Reach out today, and our staff will be glad to answer any questions for you.

Contact us today to view our many types of mixed media art. We proudly serve Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding area.